Zed Tallis at The Drum Shop

Author: Jaime Page   Date Posted:1 January 2016 

Zaamien (Zed) Tallis was born into a musical family and his passion for the drums began very early in life. Zed has been involved in the music scene since the early 90s and still continues today. Over the years, Zed has kept himself busy performing, teaching the eager (young and older) and imparting his knowledge onto others from the Drum Shop at Billy Hyde’s to the Drum Shop at Kosmic Sound. 

Well known around town, the repertoire of bands Zed has played and worked with is large and diverse, including many of Perth’s high profile bands, like his current gig playing with Slim Jim & the Phatts. Whether you need advice as a beginner or at the high end as a professional, Zed’s expertise and experience can help you achieve your drumming goals and point you in the right direction.

 He’s also pretty funny guy and good fun to be around! So come say hi.

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