Roland TM-6 PRO Trigger Module


Roland Trigger Module



Enhance and complement your acoustic kit whenever and wherever you are!


Finding the perfect drum sound is hard enough. Replicating it over several performances is even more of a challenge. Especially when you’re on a traditional kit. Acoustics can vary greatly depending on your venue. You can easily get taken by surprise by some unknown material at the very last minute. The TM-6 PRO eliminates this possibility and makes your life 100% easier. Add it to your favourite acoustic kit to instantly access any drum sound under the sun every single time you play.

When the pressure’s on, the gig’s about to start you want your kit to sound right. The TM-6 PRO lets you walk into your gig and know that your sound will be right from the start. With 500 new sampled sounds that range from electronic to acoustic and the ability to effortlessly switch between libraries, you know you’ll be able to pinpoint the perfect tone in no time. You can even use sound elements to alter specific drum sounds. For example, enhance the attack of your snare or bring some more low-end power to your kick.

Another feature of the TM-6 PRO is the expressive V-Drum sounds you can use to add something a little bit special to your performance. It supplements your onboard sound library with natural V-Drums sounds. A great transition to hybrid drums, it allows for that first step. You can easily expand your acoustic kit with 6 trigger inputs to process sounds individually.

Get awesome signature drum tones from any studio recording on the planet! You can import exact sounds from a recorded track via an SD card and easily replicate that famous recording you desperately want to incorporate. If you want a fresh perspective you can customize your imported samples and combine them with the module’s built-in sounds. Add effects or switch and mix layered samples. You can craft exactly how you want to sound with ease!

With the easy and intuitive Sound Modify knobs you get fast and flexible options. There’s no need to get lost in the editing menus whilst you’re in the middle of a gig! If something doesn’t quite sound right you can adjust the Volume, Pitch and Decay along with variable +/-2 octave pitch rate. It’s easy to stay in tune and even easier to keep up if something changes unexpectedly during your performance.

The LED indicators on the TM-6 PRO give you complete control over all troubleshooting during practice and in the middle of a performance. The LEDs flash in response to each head/rim of the 6 triggers so you get all the info super-fast.

One of the coolest features of the TM-6 PRO is the fact that you an play along with backing audio. This is great for live work and your rehearsals. The audio tracks are stored on an SD card and played directly from the memory. You can add some pizazz to your show or practice at home when the band isn’t there.

In this modern day and age, any musician knows that their kits need to play nicely with their computer setups. The TM-6 PRO works as a trigger to MIDI converter with audio interface. You can play backing and click tracks from your computer via a USB cable! Audio/MIDI interface functions offer 8-in/8-out (max) audio with an impressive sampling rate of 44.1kHz/48kHz/96kHz, plus MIDI in/out capability. Each audio in/out is assigned to each TM-6 PRO’s Phones L/R, Master Outputs L/R and Direct Outputs 1-4. Output the backing tracks from your computer to the specific direct output or record the audio from the specific direct output to the DAW via USB audio. The possibilities are endless!

The TM-6 Pro is the modern acoustic drummer’s step into the technological age. Don’t sacrifice your traditional kit. Get the best of both worlds with this intuitive module.

Features include:

  • Pre-loaded with 500 one-shot sampled sounds, including tones recorded at world-class studios
  • 268 V-Drums sounds onboard for expressive drum performance
  • 80 ready-to-use drum kits featuring high-quality preloaded sounds, plus natural and expressive V-Drums sounds
  • Original user samples can be imported from SD card to accurately reproduce studio tones onstage
  • Six trigger inputs available for connecting up to 12* triggers or pads (Requires optional Y-cable)
  • Powerful layer function to customize sounds
  • Three Sound Modify knobs for intuitive control of volume, pitch, decay or other effects including MFX and Transient
  • Newly developed Transient effect to effectively control attack and release of drum sounds
  • Independent EQ, Transient effect, Compressor and MFX for each trigger, plus Master Comp and Master EQ for mastering sounds
  • High-speed trigger response faithfully follows your drumming
  • Backing track audio data can be played directly from SD memory
  • Independent volume control for SONG, CLICK and Headphones
  • LED indicators shows status of the triggers, even with the lights down
  • Works as trigger to MIDI convertor with audio interface (8-out/8-in)


Barcode # 761294511831
Brand Roland
Unit Of Measure EACH

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