Ric Shinnick at The Drum Shop

Author: Jaime Page   Date Posted:1 January 2016 

Ric started his drumming career banging pots and pans as a six year old, as punishment his mother make him take organ lessons for six years, that didn’t work and she relented buying him his first kit at 13.

Ric played in school and local concert bands then in original and cover bands through his developmental years.

Ric is a highly experienced timber technologist and wood machinist. These skills saw him at The Brady Drum Company for over 10 years, crafting and being involved in every aspect of drum manufacture.

Ric has run Drum tuning clinics and with his advanced understanding of drum mechanics we are both proud and fortunate to have Ric as part of the Drum Shop team. If you do have a problem or questions there is nobody in WA better qualified to find your solution.

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