Live Audio In Ear Monitor Systems and accessories

Over the last 10 years in-ear monitoring has become more affordable and more popular with a lot of musicians, performers and presenters. Being able to hear everything that you say, sing or play can make a huge difference to your overall performance.

A singer or presenter risks damaging their voice shouting and screaming through a foldback monitor especially doing multiple performances every week. A musician risks not being able to hear the notes properly over the rest of the band and everyone risks their hearing in loud situations. Is it time you looked at In-ear monoring?

Choose between Shure, Sennheiser, JTS and Behringer wired or wireless systems. We also stock a great range of Shure and Audiofly earpieces in dual, triple, quadruple and and now even six driver options for amazing audio quality. If you're not sure what is the right choice for you contact one of our expert PA guys in the Kosmic PA dept and we will make sure you receive the right advice.