The Kosmic Sound Story

Author: Jaime Page   Date Posted:29 February 2016 

The Kosmic Story


Kosmic began life back in 1969 as a repair bench in the back shed of John Goldsmith’s house in a Fremantle suburb. It really started with a few quiet efforts to help fix the odd bit of gear, but word quickly got around that there was someone who could fix things and JG was the man. As JG would admit, it was never a conscious effort to start a business but he soon found out that this was the case, and things started gathering momentum. 

The early days were consumed with repair work to PA gear and amplifiers but it soon became apparent that the music scene at this time was undergoing a rapid growth phase that opened up opportunities in music retail.

 Kosmic were among the first to import now legendary brands, such as Peavey, Acoustic, SWR, Schecter and Ken Smith among others. They were also establishing a solid reputation at this time in concert production. This included many of the biggest acts to come through Perth in the ‘70s. This coincided with a foray into PA speaker box manufacture. Any Perth bands worth their salt at this time were using the Kosmic 4560 enclosures as part of their live rig.

At this time, Kosmic resided at the now-legendary Bentley premises, with the factory and service department out back. These were truly the formative years.

As the ‘80s rolled on, the music retail business began to grow quickly, and Kosmic established dealerships with Fender, Marshall, Roland, Yamaha and Ibanez. The relationship with these iconic brands continues to this day.

The focus eventually shifted away from concert production and towards music retail, and in the late 80's Kosmic bid farewell to Bentley and a new Osborne Park store was opened. This was the centre of operations for many years until in 2001 a tragic fire consumed much of the premises.

However, by this time the company was well established as Perth’s premier music retail outlet and out of the ashes new opportunities were born. Relocating to new Osborne Park premises, Kosmic continued to grow.

The new century saw the evolution of online retailing for Kosmic. The launch of the current website sees Kosmic blast into a brave new era as Australia’s leading independent music retailer. We are confident that, with over 40 years experience in the Australian music retail industry, no-one is better placed to offer you the best service and pricing on the equipment that drives your passion to make music.

We feel honoured every time existing or new customers look to us to help make their dreams come true, and we look forward to doing business with you for years to come.

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Back in the old days - Camille Symmons

19 March 2018
I was working for Focus Promotions and I remember all the new band members would comes into our office in Beautfort Street Mt Lawley looking for work and we would send them to Kosmic in Bentley to get kitted out. I also remember the Christmas Parties were pretty special as well.

PA speaker box manufacture

18 October 2017
I remember as kid growing up watching my dad, who was a cabinet maker, making the speaker boxes for John.

1981 Gear buy - Harold E. Holt Naval Base

13 February 2017
In 1981 a close Aussie friend Charlie Gripp (deputy principal in Exmouth) bought gear for our band "Flyte." I was stationed on the naval base and I remember going into the small music store with Charlie. He purchased a 500 watts slave-drive amp with pa boxes, 24 channel mixing board, etc. As a musician...I was really impressed at the level of talent W.A. Had at that time,and the store was spot-on when it came to what we needed. I cherished my 2 years there, and have followed the music produced all these years later. So glade that Kosmic is such tremendous success story! Bob Evans, Buckeye, Arizona

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