Nothing screams DJ more than the humble Turntable.  Used in Djaying for over 4 1/2 decades and counting the turntable was the weapon of choice for almost every DJ right up until the mid 2000's.  The Turrntable epitomises Djaying.  While there are many different options now available,  there are a lot of DJ's still using turntables today and with Vinyl sales on the rise the turntable isn't going anywhere.

At kosmic we understand the alure of vinyl, its sound, its look and feel.  I mean how many people have ever said of wow thats an awesome collection of MP3's you have.  But a wall of Vinyl just looks impressive.  It also has the option of gaining value too.  

Crate diggers and beat makers have been sampling vinyl for decades and the sounds can be easily recognised in so much of todays modern music.  All originally sampled on a turntable.

Not a DJ?  We hear that too.  There is nothing like putting a record on and kicking back to your favorite jams pressed on wax.


So wethere your making beats, DJaying or just love the sound of vinyl Kosmic has you covered for all your turntable needs and accessories with Brands like Pioneer, Numark, Shure and Ortofon.