Casio MZ-X500 Arranger Keyboard


Casio MZX500 Arranger Keyboard


Casio's flagship Arranger.

The MZ-X500 gives you access to over 1,100 high-quality Tones perfect for all genres and musical styles. Get incredible realism from your sounds with dynamic Acoustic guitar fret noise, harmonics, string slides and body slaps and Basses with smooth glissando from note to note - all at your fingertips. Modify these Tones easily using the LCD Color Touch Interface and control knobs and sliders on the fly for maximum control.



Classic Sound

CASIO is constantly improving on their digital technology, striving to faithfully reproduce the classic mechanical tone wheel organ from the tremors of the organ's rotary to its leakage noise. This dedication to fidelity in replication the deep, heavy resonance of the traditional tone wheel organ gives you a powerful library of rich, complex sounds at your fingertips.


Hex Layer and Bass Synth

The MZ-X500 boasts Casio’s powerful Hex Layer technology, giving you the power to layer six different sounds together in a single Tone. Each layer has its own independent key and velocity zones, plus a complete set of synthesizer parameters. That's six synthesisers, multipled by the MZ-X500's ability to play four Hex Layers simultaenously - giving you control of 24 sounds at once.

The MZ-X500’s Bass Synth uses the power of Hex Layers to deliver the fun and versatility of analog-style synthesis. These classic bass sounds can be played monophonically, with adjustable legato and portamento behavior, easily modified along with other tone adjustments using the real time controls and Color Touch Interface.


Intuitive Production Tools

The MZ-X Series gives you a 16-track MIDI recorder with a full suite of mixing and editing features, plus powerful effect processors and USB audio recording. Select an ensemble, record a performance, then connect a mic, add some vocal effects, and record your performance as an upload-ready WAV file.



The traditional rhythms of Latin, European, Middle Eastern, Asian and other cultures around the world are incorporated along with classic rock, jazz and pop rhythms. Players can also set automatic accompaniment functions such as Auto Fill-in, Break, Intro/Ending and Synchro Start/Stop, and along with the MZ-X300's ability to handle tension chords it’s easy to arrange technical, dynamic performances.


Customise & Import

Patterns can be easily created and combined to form your own Rhythms, making the MZ-X500 completely expandable and customizable. If you have a vision for the perfect backing band, you can quickly generate all the performance elements you want, with extensive mixing and editing tools.

The MZ-X500 can load and play standard MIDI files, and it can even import data from an SMF into custom Rhythms. This means that instead of simply playing back a song, you can perform it and make it your own.

You can even import Rhythms from other arrangers, opening up a world of downloadable cross-platform content.


Colour Touch LCD

The 5.3-inch colour touch LCD allows easy and intuitive operation. Touch control makes it surprisingly easy to call up impressive sounds and rhythms, and to adjust synth and effect parameters quickly and freely in real time. Users can leverage inspiration obtained through live shows and music production in their performances and compositions. The cockpit design has the operation buttons and display laid out in front of the performer. Substantial improvements in display visibility and pad and knob operability provide smooth, stress-free control.


Multi-Function Pads

The MZ-X500 has 16 backlit, velocity sensitive multi-function pads. Initially, you’ll find they can add new, creative, and fun elements to your music. As you explore them further, you’ll realize they can open up a new dimension to your performance and composition.



Quicky and easily record high-quality samples from any source via the line and mic inputs, and assign them to the pads. Create a drum kit with custom percussion sounds, record your vocal harmonies, or create a soundboard of clips to trigger during your performance.



Players can use the touch-response pads to trigger original preset phrases or any of the numerous built-in phrases suited to various musical genres into performances. When chords are specified in the Auto Accompaniment Mode, phrases will follow the key and chords, deepening the music's expressive power. The sound and rhythm playback can be easily synchronised with the built-in Syncro function.

The MZ-X500’s phrases even include musical articulations, such as tremolos, glissandos, horn rises and falls, and much more.



You can also use the MZ-X500’s pads is to trigger chords, which can drive the MZ-X500’s accompaniment Rhythms. This can simplify a performance, freeing up your hands to play a two-handed melody, or use controllers. You can even store a complete chord progression on a single chord, giving you unprecedented live remix capability. For example, you could store a verse on one pad, a chorus on another, a bridge on another, and so on.

Each pad is individually and highly customizable. You can combine all of these (and other) functions into your own custom pad layout, triggering samples, sound effects, phrases, and Tone articulations all from one set of 16 pads.



Custom 20W + 20W high-capacity speakers are incorporated in a unilateral 4.3L 2-way bass reflex system. With a 4-band parameter equalizer enabling finely detailed sound adjustment, moreover, users achieve impressive, high-quality sound production whenever and wherever they perform.

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