Buying Guides

Below is a list of buying guides and FAQ articles to help you with your gear.


Author: Kosmic Drums   Date Posted: 27 September 2014

Ric from the Drum Shop at Kosmic takes you through how he likes to tune drums.

Author: Kosmic Drums   Date Posted: 21 May 2014

Learn a bit more about getting your electronic drum kit to sound just the way want it.

Author: Kosmic Drums   Date Posted: 8 March 2014

Michael Schack will blow you away with this powerful video demonstrating the Roland TM-2.

Author: Kosmic Drums   Date Posted: 16 September 2013

Our drum experts talk about snare wires and buzzing issues.

Author: Kosmic Drums  

Drum FAQ: Why put a hole in my bass drum head? Our drum experts explain the reason why...

Author: Kosmic Drums  

Are you confused about what drum head to buy? Allow our senior drum experts to shed more light on the subject!

Author: Kosmic Drums  

Have you been looking to buy a set of drum sticks but are totally confused by the massive choice of size, type and brand? Let our drum experts help you decide!

Author: Kosmic Drums