The Samson Airline Micro Wireless Bluetooth Mic System

Author: Admin   Date Posted:21 October 2013 

The Samson Airline Micro Wireless bluetooth microphone system is one of the worlds most popular and best selling systems. The product features a lithium ion battery with high quality audio and RF components to bring you the best audio quality along and ROCK SOLID bluetooth connectivity, this allows for total wireless connections between you and the mix position, or in the case of the Cinematographers, the Airline Micro Camera system, which allows for the same wireless transmission for all audio for vision solutions. The main features of the product which have seen it fly of the shelves at Kosmic Sound include, the popular recharging system which plugs in via a USB DC input, so the days of carrying extra batteries around with you are long gone! You can check out the product range here Or re-watch the video again to discover the secret military uses of the product.