Setting up your audio interface

Author: Admin   Date Posted:9 June 2012 

If you're a little uncertain about how to hook up an audio interface and get started in home recording then this is a must-watch video. Our Music Tech department offer outstanding after sales support and this video answers many of the common questions they receive from customers needing help in getting a home studio established. Hi-tech guru, Leonard Madden (aka Ketracel), has helped thousands of people better understand their way around music technology and this video will no doubt become one of our most popular. For this video Leonard is using the Presonus Audiobox Studio Pack but the basic principles he covers apply to just about any interface. You can buy your audio interface directly from Kosmic online and still receive the same level of tech support as you would in-store. Simply email with any queries you have on any Music Tech product you've bought from us. Also contact us via email if you need advice pre-purchase.