Uncle Al's Roland FP-30 Digital Piano

Author: Alan Payne   Date Posted:21 January 2016 

As seen at NAMM 2016 is the Roland FP30 digital piano.  Alan took time out to review this great Piano.

It was fantastic to see that on opening the box, I was presented with a particularly light and streamlined piano.  I instantly thought of the great appeal to customers who have trouble in lifting heavier stage pianos and are looking for a more portable solution.  It was also comforting to note that build quality was not compromised to achieve this outcome.
I was keen to experience the touch and feel of the instrument and was not disappointed; the ivory feel keys also enhances its playability. Roland continues to provide an escapement feature on all their pianos including the entry level FP-30.  In conjunction with the Supernatural sound engine, the FP-30 is the perfect piano for a beginner to an intermediate player.
One feature that continues to get the wow factor with my customers is the Bluetooth feature that Roland has recently introduced to its line of digital pianos, and now to my satisfaction, it has not been compromised on this stunning model.  The Bluetooth feature enables you to download music scores from applications such as piaScore available on IOS devices.  Giving players the convenience of turning pages at the piano pedals.
I have no hesitation in recommending this piano to any of my customers who require a portable and affordable piano but do not want to compromise on quality or feature set.

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White FP-30

Black FP-30

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Fp30 mods?

3 August 2016
It would have been good for Roland to include a 1/8 input jack for an iPhone or iPad as while you can transmit midi data via Bluetooth, you have to connect the audio to a seperate amplifier instead of it coming through the internal speakers. Also a chorus effect would be nice for the ep's. The rest is great.

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