Delay Shootout: Boss / Roland Digital vs Analogue

Date Posted:15 January 2016 

The battle between analogue and digital delay pedals have never ceased. For decades, manufacturers around the world have spent their time listening and tweaking their sounds to satisfy our ears. As a guitarist, we are quite picky with our sound. Some of us prefer the murky wobbles of a vintage analogue delay pedal. Whereas, some prefer the constant pristine sound of a digital delay pedal.

Despite the fact that many of us jump to conclusions that the digital sound is better than analogue. We can't reject the fact that we sometimes need the warm and fat sound of an analogue delay. In fact, it is a good idea to have both a digital and analogue delay pedal in our stomp box collection. Not only because of convenience but using both at the same time can create a unique sound.

So, we ended up putting three Boss/Roland pedals on the line to see how digital and analogue can gel together. In addition to the three pedals, we used an EV-5 Expression Pedal. The EV-5 gives players the control of the delay speed without having to adjust the knobs manually one by one, because then you will look like a 'knob' on the stage. As a result, the EV-5 lets us create some very cool time warping effects.

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