A Pianistical Touch

When you’ve been in the music industry for 47 years it’s not unusual to meet and reminisce with long term customers. This particular meeting stood out and I asked Tony if he minded that I share it.

Tony’s been a Kosmic customer having purchased a Yamaha 88 piano from the original Bentley store. I also had a Rhodes back then he said (must have been pretty fit in those days Tony).

This is where it gets interesting. Tony’s uncle Reg purchased a Steinway (see photo) in 1926 for the sum total of $150.00 British pounds (see photo of the receipt).Keep in mind $150.00 pounds would have also purchased three terrace houses in Britain at the time. Uncle Reg was a fine musician said Tony, a piano teacher, cinema organist as well as Church organist.

“I’ve been buying Roland keyboards from Kosmic for 35 years said Tony. “For touch sample and quality nothing beats Roland” I love my Steinway(even my piano tuner wants to buy it) but I’m equally comfortable playing my RD-300. I’ve tried others but there’s something about Roland that allows you to play more pianistically (great word Tony) with great piano samples it enables me to play with more expression”.

“I’ve bought several Roland keyboard over those years and never had to have one repaired. I’m very happy with the V Combo VR-09 I’ve purchased this week for the odd gig to save my aching back”(probable a common ailment with Rhodes players).

We always love hearing these stories so if you have something you’d like to share please email johng@kosmic.com.au

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