Give Up?

Are you tired of hurting? Have you ever loved something so much that you pursue it, but it damages you? Well if you have developed a calloused love for six string romance of music and you just started out then we know how your fingers feel.

They say that there is no gain without pain? But you feel that sometimes the pain is not worth it. Do not worry, because the Epiphone Pro-1 series acoustic guitars are one of the most user-friendly acoustic guitars range on the market.

Just don't stick with air guitar.

Whether you are a newbie or just wanting to play comfortably. The Epiphone Pro-1 series is a good choice to go. The Epiphone luthiers ensure that each model provides a soothing feeling on the tip of your fingers, so you can practice and practice for as long as you want without hurting yourself.

The amazing hand soothing features are the EZ-Profile Neck Profile, JumboPRO Frets, PRO-Ease Lubricant, light gauge strings, dual action truss rod and short scale length. All of these features are packed into every guitar to give players comfort and smooth playability.

Each Epiphone Pro-1 features the EZ-Profile neck profile, this means that the necks are slimmer compared to other acoustic guitars. So you can wrap your hand around easier in whatever style you play. Also, the JumboPRO Frets makes your fingering melt like butter.

The PRO-Ease lubricant provides a soothing finish on the fingerboard to ensure players a painless playing experience. Also, with a Dual-Action Truss Rod and light gauge strings, makes the Epiphone PRO-1 an easy to play guitar.

So whether you are just starting or wanting an easy guitar come in-store, and we can help you pick the right Epiphone PRO-1 acoustic guitar. We can help you build your dream just don't give up there's easy and painless way of playing now!

Check out our Epiphone PRO-1 Acoustic range HERE!

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