Get these GREAT DEALS from Sennheiser!

Date Posted:3 October 2019 

Don’t miss out on these GREAT DEALS from Sennheiser

Bring your sound to life with Sennheiser with the HSP Essential Headset Mic and the XSW1-825 DUAL A!

The HSP Essential Headset Mic faithfully captures your voice whilst remaining visually neutral. With an omnidirectional microphone, integrated cable and ergonomic headset, this product delivers the core sonics of the HSP 2 series and lets you remain handsfree for gestures, slides and props so you can focus on presenting!

The XSW1-825 DUAL A 2-channel wireless system is easy to use and delivers excellent live sound. Ideal for presenters and singers, this system features a dual channel receiver with built in antennas and a streamlined interface for simple, easy to understand use.

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