How To Re-String A Fixed Bridge Electric Guitar

Author: Ferdinand   Date Posted:2 February 2016 

One of the most important aspects of a guitar is its strings. Without good quality strings or regularly re-stringing your guitar, it can affect its playability and life. Ideally, it is best to re-string every 2-3 months but that all depends on what sort of player you are. Because the more we play, the faster, the strings start to rust from all the oils and sweat produced from our hands.

You will notice when it is time to change your strings when it becomes rough and rusty is when you want to change them or if you like the feeling of new and smooth strings then, the slightest tarnishing is when you want to change them.

Now, not all of us like to wait for servicing times, or some of us do not have access to a guitar repair centre. So, our guitar doctor Dave will show us how it is all done in the video below.

With the right tools and technique, it should not take you to long. Dave uses a set of Ernie Ball strings, Planet Waves Pro-Winder and a set of pliers to re-string a 2016 Gibson Les Paul Traditional. However, the Planet Waves Pro-Winder is enough especially if you are on the go as it can cut strings like a set of pliers but at the same time makes winding strings faster and more efficient.

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