EC-10 Electronic Layered Cajon by Roland

Author: Ric Shinnick   Date Posted:22 January 2016 

Continuing their exploration of acoustic/electronic hybrid percussion, Roland have developed an instrument that operates not just as an acoustic cajon, but by using Roland’s advanced triggering techniques can complement these acoustic sounds with everything from subtle cajon-like layers, through tasteful percussion sounds such as tambourines, timbales and shakers, to downright crazy electronic effects and processed drum sounds suitable for modern electronic dance music.

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Fitted with sensors that match the traditional ‘head’ and ‘edge’ positions on the face of the cajon, the player can complement their cajon sounds just by playing in their usual style.  The easily accessed control panel on top of the EL Cajon has three modes - Cajon, Percussion and SFX - each with ten different sample sets. 

Able to run on mains power or for about three hours on batteries, the EL Cajon is both portable and powerful. For live situations it is possible to use a microphone in the front-facing port for sound reinforcement; this will pick up both the natural acoustic sounds and the electronic layer according to the volume set, controlled via the dedicated volume knob on the back panel. 

Another knob allows the player to control the relative loudness of the two pickups, giving you control of the overall tone and balance of the cajon.  There is also a jack output on the back panel that sends just the electronic layer to an amplifier or PA. 

This is useful for louder live situations and avoids any potential for acoustic feedback. To further expand the use of this instrument there is a ‘Mix In’ 3.5mm jack in the back panel to allow you to play along to your favourite music or even to blend backing tracks or a PA output with your own playing on the cajon.



Overall, the EC-10 EL Cajon from Roland takes the traditional cajon into the 21st century with enhanced playability and connect-ability, as well as a range of fresh sounds never before heard on this type of instrument.




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Mic setup

19 September 2016

Can you tell me what the simple mic setup you are using the vid?

Kosmic Sound Response
<p>Hi there.</p> <p>We are using the Shure SM57 microphone with a short microphone stand. You can find these products at the below links.</p> <p></p> <p></p> <p>I hope this helps!</p>

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