In-ear monitor Maintenance

Date Posted:5 September 2019 

If you find the sound in your in-ear monitors cutting out, there may be a solution. This solution could be as easy as proper maintenance, and a few simple methods to gauge their functionality.

The first step to maintenance is to check the cable and in-ear monitor connection before making sure that the tubes and filters are wax and residue free. If there is residue such as sweat or body oils in the connection, it may cause it to tarnish. This can be cleaned with a piece of paper towel wrapped around a toothpick which has been dipped in isopropanol or methylated spirits. This combination should also be used to clean the cable end.

Following this you should reconnect the earpieces. If you find that one side continues to not work, you can swap the earpieces around to see whether both earpieces are functioning. If this isn’t effective, this means that the cable is faulty. You can replace the cable for an affordable price. If they continue to not function properly, come into Kosmic or view our online store 
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