Drum FAQ: What Size & Type Of Drum Sticks Do I Need?

Author: Admin   Date Posted:29 May 2014 

Have you been looking to buy a set of drum sticks but are totally confused by the massive choice of size, type and brand? Sam Pettit from the Kosmic Drum Shop is here to save the day. Take it away the Lord of the drums:

The size of your drum sticks depends mostly on 2 things; the style of music you play and the size of your hands. There are no rules for drum stick selection, however a few things to consider would be: 

  • A larger stick eg. 2B will usually be more durable and provide more volume
  • A smaller stick eg. 7A will be better for smaller hands and for keeping the volume down.
  • A wood tip will give you a more natural sound on cymbals and drums
  • A nylon tip will give a brighter sound, useful in higher volume settings or to get more ‘ping’ out of washy cymbals.

Sometimes though, drummers will be using a stick that is too small for their hands and that causes the player to grip to hard as there isn’t physically enough stick in their hand. This will cause cramping in the hand and arm as well as blisters and callouses. If you need to keep volume down but you still need a bigger stick to fit your hand, most drum stick manufacturers offer maple versions of their sticks that are lighter than hickory. If you really need to keep volume down, there are many different versions of rods and brushes that are fun to experiment with.

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