Drum FAQ: My Snare Wires Are Buzzing, Why Is That?

Author: Admin   Date Posted:28 May 2014 

As long as you have snare wires on your drum, they are going to buzz. The trick is to minimize it and reduced them buzzing at nasty frequencies. Assuming that your snare has proper snare beds, then you should be able to minimize nasty snare buzz.

The usual culprit is the bottom head being too loose and the snare wires being too tight – when the snare head is too loose it resonates at frequencies that will cause excessive buzz and if the wires are too tight, it’ll choke the bottom head and your drum will sound like someone has put a towel on it.

So, try tuning the bottom head up and loosening the wires and that should have a positive effect on snare buzz.

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The Drum Shop At Kosmic Team.