Drum Mastery 2019 Drum Competition

Date Posted:15 March 2019 

DRUM MASTERY 2019 – It's time for drummers to get the glory they deserve!

Drummers are foundational to a band as they are the rhythm keepers tucked away behind their kits. But playing the drums has always been about more than simply keeping the beat. It’s an attitude. A commitment. A way of life.

Shure wants to recognize the rhythm heroes and talented percussionists out there, so we’re calling on musicians from 44 countries* around the globe to enter DRUM MASTERY 2019 – The Shure Drum Contest

This competition aims to shine a spotlight on creative drumming by musicians committed to their craft. Do you have a unique playing style? Or are you simply an amazing performer? We want to show the world why you’re a master of the drums. All you have to do is submit a video of you playing solo and demonstrating your skills without any musical accompaniment.

Click Here to Enter or to Vote for your favourite drummer!

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