Drum Kits Under $700

Date Posted:11 February 2016 

If you have the passion for playing drums but you are unsure where to start then we have just the right kits for you.

Whether you are serious about learning, or you are still trying to figure out if drums are for you then come into the Drumshop at Kosmic Sound and check out the kits below.

Also, when it comes to buying your first kit or getting it for someone else, then you might not want to spend too much.

So, to make it easier for you, our drum guru Ric has picked out a range of drum kits that are under $700.

The DXP Fusion 20 Series Black Drum Kit Package, Pearl Roadshow RS and Mapex Prodigy 5 Piece Kit are all great starter kits. Each kit has a fusion set up, includes the basic hardware set up and a throne.



The fusion set up is made up of a 20" bass drum, 14" snare drum and 10",12",14" toms. This set up is perfect for beginners and children as it allows them to reach all the toms easily without having to reach when you have 22" bass drum.



If that video was not enough to satisfy your ears, then hear them side by side as our drum experts including our chairman have a drum off.


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