Audiofly AF160 Triple Driver In-Ear Monitors


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Audiofly AF160 Triple Driver In-Ear Monitors feature a separate balanced armature for high, mid, and low frequencies for professional and personal hi-fi listening.

The in-built crossover provides a smooth frequency response and clear tone whether you're listening at home, in the studio or during a live performance.

For comfort, it includes three sizes of Comply foam and silicone single-flange and tri-flange replacement tips to accommodate different ear shapes and preferences.

Each set includes a durable storage wallet, a 1/4" headphone jack adapter, an airline adapter, a shirt clip, and a cleaning tool.

Additionally its cable can be detached and replaced with an optional Audioflex CT Clear-Talk cable for answering calls, changing volume, and controlling playback.

Product Features

  • Balanced armature for high frequencies
  • Balanced armature for mid frequencies
  • Balanced armature for low frequencies
  • In-built crossover
  • Lightweight twisted cable
  • Detachable cable system
  • Comply foam and silicon ear tips
  • Storage wallet
  • 1/4" adapter
  • Shirt clip and cleaning tool
Barcode # 9345512000812
Brand Audiofly
Shipping Weight 0.4950kg
Shipping Width 0.180m
Shipping Height 0.055m
Shipping Length 0.160m
Shipping Cubic 0.001584m3
Unit Of Measure EACH

A newbie's take on in-ear monitors

By: on 6 November 2018
This is only my second pair of drivers for a wireless system. I replaced the stock ones from a kit (also purchased from here) with these and as a newbie, I can tell you I am very impressed. I played in a band with weekly gigs back in the nineties and recently joined a tribute band on the Gold Coast swearing a wig, high heels and playing in front of large, loud amps. Very difficult to hear out of standard foldback boxes on the floor. When someone suggested in ears I was gobsmacked at the price. But a CAD brand from Cosmic changed everything. I upgraded to these Audiofly ones to see if there was a difference. Man. Was there ever. With the sound isolation and a good mix from the desk I can now hear both guitars at even levels and everyone's vox for harmonies. Vocals last all nite because I don't have to shout over the raw cabinets. Because the sound isolation is so good, get your sound crew to have an ambient crowd mike turned on and off between numbers as it sounds like you're playing to an empty room after each song which can be a little off-putting. The triple drivers are definitely clearer, cleaner and sound better when listening to music from my phone. Harder to discern a difference playing live except for the fact that I can have the volume lower which definitely helps. The shape of the wire loops is a bit big and I haven't wanted to try bending them too much in case it breaks something so they get caught in my wig a bit more than I would like, but that is the only downer so far. You should even buy these just for the unpacking experience alone. Great 'Apple-like' attention to detail. I've never tried the name brand drivers that everyone says I should get and if one day I ever do, I might update this review, but for now, if you've never tried in-ears - you should. And the CAD systems with these drivers is worth every cent. I'm as bad as a reformed smoker recommending these things.

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