JBL Professional Sound Products at Kosmic - The Live Sound Specialists.

JBL is an iconic brand that is synonymous with live sound production. A company steeped in tradition and innovation, you will find their products on the world's stages, schools, cafes and anywhere that you would expect to hear great sound. They manufacture both consumer and professional products for Musicians, Dj's,Studio & Live Audio Engineers, Installation experts, Presenters and many more. At Kosmic, we mainly focus on the professional musician, sound engineers and installers covering the new EON 600 Series, PRX 700 Seires, SRX Series and the Control range of installation wall mount and ceiling mount speakers

Let our experienced sales team guide you through your live sound requirements and find the ideal JBL gear for you.


Did You Know?

  • JBL's introduction to rock and roll music came via the adoption of the D130 loudspeaker by Leo Fender's Fender Guitar company as the ideal driver for electric guitars in the mid-'50's. Ask Dick Dale how loud did they go. What???
  • 1954: The JBL "375" aka 'Bullets' were the first commercial high-frequency compression driver sold; its response extends to 9 kHz.
  • The '70's. Concert sound supremo John G starts a revolution with his stunning arrays of enclosures including the fabled 4560's, thereby changing the sound of Perth pub rock as we know it. You had to be there!


If we don't have the JBL product you want in stock, please contact us and we will do our best to find it for you. We can easily get the ETA of incoming stock, so you do not miss out when they arrive.

We offer excellent pricing across all models and remember that you also have the option of renting your dream gear with Studio 19. Ask us for more info.