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    The best-selling brand of guitar effects in the world
    Since the release of its first compact-effects pedal in 1977, BOSS has revolutionised the guitar world with innovative, history-making products, many of which have become best sellers and “must haves” for guitarists around the world. With a line-up that also includes advanced multi-effects and digital recorders for creating professional-quality productions, BOSS realises the dreams of all guitarists, from beginners to pros.


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    Boss AC-3 Acoustic Simulator

    $179.00 Boss AC-3 Acoustic Simulator

    Order the Boss AC-3 Acoustic Simulator pedal from Kosmic online to instantly turn your electric into an acoustic guitar.


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    Boss BC-2 Combo Drive

    $139.00 Boss BC-2 Combo Drive

    An overdrive pedal with 'AC-inspired' British combo-amp tone. Order the Boss BC-2 Combo Drive from Kosmic online today.


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    Boss BCB-30 Carry Case

    $47.00 Boss BCB-30 Carry Case

    Join the chain gang with a Boss BCB-30 pedal carry case from Kosmic. This is a great solution for transporting...


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    Boss BD2 Blues Driver

    $119.00 Boss BD2 Blues Driver

    The BD-2 delivers the creamy, slightly crunchy sound associated with great blues guitar. Buy it online today and save.


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    Boss BF3 Flanger

    $179.00 Boss BF3 Flanger

    Order the Boss BF3 Flanger from Kosmic and get some of the best flanging effects in a compact single pedal.


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    Boss BR-800 Digital Recorder

    $599.00 Boss BR-800 Digital Recorder

    Boss continues its top-selling tradition of portable, affordable multi-trackers with the new BR-800 — a battery-powered studio to go.


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    Boss CE-5 Chorus Ensemble

    $129.00 Boss CE-5 Chorus Ensemble

    Order the Boss CE-5 Chorus Ensemble effects pedal from Kosmic online for your guitar and become the next Andy Summers.


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    Boss CS3 Compression Sustainer

    $109.00 Boss CS3 Compression Sustainer

    Compresses loud signals and boosts softer signals for a smooth overall sound. Buy it online from Kosmic today for your...


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    Boss DB-30 'Dr Beat' Metronome

    $47.00 Boss DB-30 'Dr Beat' Metronome

    The Take-Along Dr. Beat - It’s portable, reliable, and fun to use — the DB-30 helps musicians take their music...


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    Boss DB-60 'Dr Beat' Metronome

    $85.00 Boss DB-60 'Dr Beat' Metronome

    The new DB-60 is priced to please, yet it doesn’t disappoint in the feature department. This handy little timekeeper can...


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    Boss DD7 Digital Delay Pedal

    $209.00 Boss DD7 Digital Delay Pedal

    A stereo compact delay pedal with Modulation Delay, classic modeled Analog Delay, External pedal control, and more.


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    Boss DN2 Dyna Drive

    $112.00 Boss DN2 Dyna Drive

    The Boss DN-2 is an exciting new type of overdrive pedal that reacts like a classic valve amp.


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    Boss DS-1 Distortion

    $63.00 Boss DS-1 Distortion

    A true classic. Get the Boss DS-1 Distortion pedal from Kosmic online today for your guitar or keyboard.


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